Time to bring out the Bulldog spirit

Coronavirus and the Lockdown - Inches CurtainsSo, how are you managing in these difficult times? Like a lot of businesses, we’ve shut our doors for the duration, and it’s hard. Not knowing what to do with ourselves, not being able to do any scheduled planning, and not even knowing when things will get back to normal.

It’s at times like these that we show how great we can be. It just seems that when there’s a common problem, we all start to pull together. I’ve had some lovely conversations whilst stood in supermarket queues. Inevitably, these chats have centred around the current lockdown, but in and around it, you get to find out how others are coping and what some people are doing to help others. There’s an army of volunteers out there. Some will say they’re doing it because they’re bored, but the satisfaction and pride that can be derived from such noble gestures surely outweigh any other reason. Even furloughed workers can volunteer.

I know I’m not alone in wanting to get back to work. I’m one of those lucky people who absolutely love what I do, and this situation could quite easily get me down if I let it. I’m keeping really busy though. Each day I do a little exercise, talk for hours on the phone, making sure people are well and not forgotten about, plan and spend time preparing meals (which is proving to be a bit of a luxury) and look forward to seeing how I can best improve the Inches empire for when we have the grand reopening. I’m looking at dozens of top quality suppliers, and hundreds of new and exciting fabrics and patterns, which I know will help to get things humming here when all this is done and dusted.

We still have several projects on the go, even at this time, and a few that we managed to finish just in time – phew! There are a pair of halls, which were, of course, closed to the public, a couple who were abroad and came home to their lovely new curtains (when they finally managed to get a flight), and a new home that’s empty and waiting to be fully decked before the family move in. All of these have given us the opportunity to work in safe areas, away from others.

If you have a project that you want to get on with, this might be the perfect time to get it planned. During normal times, we don’t realise how many people we work closely around whilst measuring and fitting. It may seem a little strange when we get back to normal. But while things aren’t normal and you might have time to plan things out, why don’t you give us a call and we can have a chat about your needs. We might still be able to get some good to come out of these dark times?

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