It’s What You Do With It

Not to sound too pompous, but we get quite a lot of work from local councils and other organisations here at Inches Furnishings. We’ve been contracted as consultants, makers and installers by these institutions for several years. They know who we are. They know where...

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When Sunlight Strikes!

That title sounds like this article should be a rip-roaring adventure, doesn’t it? Something from John Grisham or Paramount Pictures. Well, while there are no gun battles, car chases or last second wire cutting, there is a lot of top advice for how to keep your curtains looking as good as new – even in the sunniest-facing of windows!

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From Market Stall to Market Street

Like all great business stories, Inches started from humble beginnings… on a small market stall in the centre of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. Established by Karen in 1989, Inches has since gone from strength to strength, taking on prime retail spots in the town to...

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It’s our 30th Birthday!!

Inches has been going for 30 years as of today. For an independent home interiors and soft furnishing business, this means the world. It means that all the long hours, hard work and dedication have paid off. It means that every move into larger premises in the West...

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