Curtain Tracks, Poles & Finials

Deciding on how to hang your curtains and voiles can be as important as deciding on the fabrics and styles to use. We can supply all the many different types you need to complete your new home.


Curtain tracks are available in many forms plastic and metal, top fix or face fix, ones suitable for bending round a bay window. Curtain hooks can clip over the rail or underneath depending on your selection.
Suitability needs to be a consideration, deciding that the selected track will be suitable for the weight of your curtains.


Poles are in vogue at the moment, whether having eyelets or pinch pleated curtains. Poles can be used for goblet headings and pencil pleated curtains too.

Curtain poles usually come in wood or metal with decorative finials and varying pole diameters. We try to avoid telescopic ones as the passing of the rings over the step causes some issues and should be avoided. Many of the ranges of poles have decorative hold backs available to match.

Weight of your soft furnishings also needs to be taken into account when selecting your method of hanging.

Metal poles come in many finishes, chrome, satin steel, brass, black and in-fact depending on your budget most colours are possible.

Inches offer a build your own type too! Tailored to your needs.


  • Fixing your pole to the ceiling- You will need a top fix type and then we can help you choose a suitable type.
  • Recess poles- many solutions are available and again we can show you the options available.
  • Poles with voiles behind- you may need a double pole or a discreet track behind or inside a recess.
  • Wooden, budget & deluxe poles- the choice is vast, available in many colours and specialist finishes. Options on diameter and finials are also available. Pedestal holdbacks are available in some designs to help co-ordinate your look.
  • Bay window poles- also available, plus the wands to open and close your curtains to avoiding handling.